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Element : ProvideAndRegisterDocumentSetRequestType (XML Type: ProvideAndRegisterDocumentSetRequestType )

Package : xds

XML Type : ProvideAndRegisterDocumentSetRequestType

Name Type cardinality Comment
Element : SubmitObjectsRequest
SubmitObjectsRequestType 1...1 The SubmitObjectsRequest allows one to submit a list of RegistryObject elements. Each RegistryEntry element provides metadata for a single submitted object. Note that the repository item being submitted is in a separate document that is not in this DTD. The ebXML Messaging Services Specfication defines packaging, for submission, of the metadata of a repository item with the repository item itself. The value of the id attribute of the ExtrinsicObject element must be the same as the xlink:href attribute within the Reference element within the Manifest element of the MessageHeader.
Element : Document
DocumentType 0...*

There are no specific rules for this element.