Template : XDSFolder.patientId

Template : urn:uuid:f64ffdf0-4b97-4e06-b79f-a52b38ec2f8a

Template Name: XDSFolder.patientId

Template ID: urn:uuid:f64ffdf0-4b97-4e06-b79f-a52b38ec2f8a

Description: The patientId represents the subject of care medical record Identifier as defined by the Document Source. This identifier shall be from the Assigning Authority Domain supporting the XDS Affinity Domain in which the Document Registry operates.

Document: IHE_ITI_TF V3, (

Parent: rim-ExternalIdentifierType

Package: rimihe

List of related constraints

  • PatientId shall have a single value on XDSFolder (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..
  • patientId metadata must have CX structure (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..