Template : XDSSubmissionSet.author

Template : urn:uuid:a7058bb9-b4e4-4307-ba5b-e3f0ab85e12d

Template Name: XDSSubmissionSet.author

Template ID: urn:uuid:a7058bb9-b4e4-4307-ba5b-e3f0ab85e12d

Description: Represents the humans and/or machines that authored the document.

Document: IHE_ITI_TF V3, (

Parent: rim-ClassificationType

Package: rimihe

List of related constraints

  • List of sub-attributes must be : authorInstitution, authorPerson, authorRole, authorSpecialty and authorTelecommunication (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..
  • If present, the author attribute shall have one or more values (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..
  • Only One instance of the authorPerson sub-attribute is allowed (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..
  • AuthorInstitution must have XON structure is specified (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..
  • authorPerson must have XCN structure if present (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..
  • authorTelecommunication must have XTN structure if present (IHE_ITI_TF V3, more..