Template : XDSDocuemtnEntry.formatCode

Template : urn:uuid:a09d5840-386c-46f2-b5ad-9c3699a4309d

Template Name: XDSDocuemtnEntry.formatCode

Template ID: urn:uuid:a09d5840-386c-46f2-b5ad-9c3699a4309d

Description: Code globally uniquely specifying the format of the document. Along with the typeCode, it should provide sufficient information to allow any potential XDS Document Consumer to know if it will be able to process the document. The formatCode shall be sufficiently specific to ensure processing/display by identifying a document encoding, structure and template (e.g., for a CDA Document, the fact that it complies with a CDA schema, possibly a template and the choice of a content-specific style sheet).

Document: IHE_ITI_TF V3, (

Parent: rim-ClassificationType

Package: rimihe